Event schedule

October 20

Day 1
Dinner (自费)

October 21

Day 2


Happy little benefactor: Prosocial behaviors promotes happiness in toddlers
  • 宋玥 Yue Song Developmental Psychology, Utrecht University

Shy children's empathy and prosocial behavior in the chaotic family
  • Shuyang Dong Utrecht University

Money is sweet when it says I love you
  • 彭聪 Cong Peng Tilburg University

Offering Support or Making It Worse: The power of prosocial behavior in classroom context
  • 何津 Jin He Vrije University Amsterdam

Coffee Break

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Catecholaminergic modulation of the semantic processing in sentence comprehension
  • 谭莹莹 Yingying Tan Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

Statistical regularities drive visual selection
  • 王本驰 Benchi Wang VU

Goal Coordination in Grasping Planning: An ERP Study
  • 于淋 Lin Yu TBD

Behavioral and neuroimaging evidences of information integration
  • 丁致中 ChihChung Ting University van Amsterdam

Lunch Break (自理)
Multiscale perspectives of human brain connectome
  • 魏永斌 Yongbin Wei Complex Traits Genetics, CNCR, VU Amsterdam

Regulation of inhibitory bouton dynamics by endocannabinoid signaling
  • Jian Liang Utrecht University

Latent classes of dementia progression across two different cohorts
  • 王雨薇 Yuwei Wang Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

A dynamic brain network model of interaction between emotion processing and executive function
  • 耿海洋 Haiyang Geng University Medical Center Groningen

Coffee Break

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Keynote - Toward Clinically Usable Human Brain Mapping: How We Get There?
  • 左西年 Xinian Zuo 中科院心理所